Technical data of our turf:

Small roll: W 40 cm, L 2.5 m, thickness 1.8 cm, weight approx. 15-25 kg (depends on soil moisture level).

Large roll (from 1000m²): W 75 cm, L approx. 30 m, thickness 1.8 cm, weight 500-700 kg. Installation requires a special installation unit / and a tractor.
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1-25 m² = 6,00 EUR/m²
26-50 m² = 4,20 EUR/m²
51-100 m² = 3,30 EUR/m²
101-250 m² = 3,00 EUR/m²
251-500 m² = 2,75 EUR/m²

22% VAT is added to the prices

We deliver rolled turf on pallets (up to 50 m² per pallet). Large rolls are loose and require a machine to lift. The price depends on the amount of turf and the delivery address.
You can always pick up the turf from the production base yourself, but then take into account that 1m² (or one small roll) weighs about 20kg.

Minimum quantity for ordering turf with installation is 1000m²
Installation of a large roll with a tractor on a surface completely prepared by the customer = 3.00 EUR/m². Includes lawn fertilizer approx. 30 gr/m² and installation of a LARGE roll. Does not include soil work!

Before installation, the soil surface has to be compacted, given the necessary slopes and smoothed by the customer. A lawn carpet needs a perfectly smooth and evenly dense base. If the soil does not support the tractor, the end result will be very uneven.

The price of installation on a slope is formed according to the object, depending on the degree of difficulty of the installation.

The price of the pallet is 5.40 EUR/pc. We buy back pallets at the price of 3.5 EUR/pc.

The pallets can be returned to either of our production bases: Mulgimaa, Punaküla, Lõuna-Jõesaare or Harjumaa, Hüüru küla, Jõepõllu.

BEFORE YOU ORDER, check the availability of hoses and the necessary water at the site!
The lawn carpet must be thoroughly soaked daily for 2 weeks immediately after installation, otherwise cracks will appear between the tiles and the edges of the tiles will turn yellow!